Submission of fraudulent enquiries, fraud and corrupt conduct
Submission of fraudulent enquiries, through your use of the AIC website is strictly forbidden. AIC reserves its rights to issue adverse legal proceedings against you and/or to notify and alert the local authorities with respect to:

the submission of any Fraudulent Enquiries;
the committing of any act of Fraud or any other act(s) of a similar nature; and
Corrupt Conduct or any other conduct of a similar nature.
“Fraudulent enquiries” includes those enquiries and/or any information submitted through, or in connection with, the use of the AIC website and/or the enquiry form on the AIC website, that is of a fraudulent and/or non-genuine and/or deceptive and/or misleading nature.

“Fraud” includes, but is not limited to, deception by electronic or other means; making false representations to gain an unjust advantage; and abuse of property and/or time and/or use of service(s) in connection with the use, both direct and indirect of the AIC website, including use of the online enquiry form or any other form, including email provided through or in relation to the AIC website.

“Corrupt Conduct” includes dishonest behaviour and/or improper use of information or other improper acts or omissions of a similar nature.